Adolphus Kootenay, the youngest of five children, was born into the spirit world of his ancestors on July 12, 1945, near the western shores of beautiful Lac Ste. Anne in Alberta, Canada. For more than thirty years Kootenay lived in the spirit world of Indian Religion and for part of that time he practiced as a medicine man, his mother being his mentor. He knows and describes well the traditions of the sweat lodge, the medicine bundle, the peace pipe, and countless ceremonies and rituals. His home and his property were once adorned with offerings and gifts to the spirit world and especially to Mother Earth which he worshipped and honored as a god. Failing health brought Kootenay to his knees in a little church where he accepted Jesus into his heart and began the process of being delivered from Satan’s clutches. As he and his wife Marie began to walk together in new life they searched the scriptures for answers to the many questions they had about the spirit world.

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