Amelia Lionheart

Amelia Lionheart has been writing for many years and is the published author of four books for children. She has a diploma in writing from the Institute of Children’s Literature, Connecticut, USA.

Amelia, who has lived and worked in several countries, believes very strongly in the conservation of wildlife and, in particular, the protection of endangered species. She is convinced that awareness of this issue, when imbued in children at an early age, is a vital step towards saving our planet.

As a member of several nature/wildlife preservation organizations, including the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, she invites children and their families to become involved with local zoos and conservation centres and to support their important work, both by creating awareness and fundraising. To encourage this, she created a group called the Junior Environmentalists and Conservationists (JEACs) in the first book of her JEACs’ series, Peacock Feathers. In the other books, the JEACs travel to various countries, having adventures while enlarging their group and encouraging local children to start groups of JEACs in their own countries.
As of November 2013, Amelia has four real groups of JEACs in Canada. The JEACs continue to evolve.

Amelia’s other interests include environmental issues, volunteer work and fundraising. She believes that if people from different countries explore the diversity of cultures and learn from one another, they will discover that they have more similarities than dissimilarities. Many of these ideas are included in her books.

Please check out, Amelia’s website for children.

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