Ben Sichkaryk has a love for the Earth, the animals, the plants and all earth’s people. He has read many books including all the classics. He is a certified Serenity Vibration Healer level one who has channeled energy all over the world with great success. His Appaloosa horses have taught him that the energy to heal comes from within through a channel from the divine. His search to Know Thyself has lead to his spiritual path that involves the animals and Mother Earth. The essence of both help to write his poetry. A Path to the New World is his first book of poems. He is in constant touch with the earth and the animals through raising Appaloosa horses in Alberta Canada. Many, many people have asked him to write a book, and many from all over the world have left beautiful comments on his poetry. It seemed that after taking the healing course, the universe opened up to him and spilled forth the feelings and words to write poetry. Ben is a new age Whisperer of love and peace from all creation.

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