Christine Shutti

Christine Umoekereka (Shutti) is a Nigerian-born healthcare professional based in Canada who has practised nursing for over twenty years. Due to her love, passion, and commitment to her work over the years, she has been able to touch the lives of many people both at home and abroad. She is seen as a valuable and committed professional in her field, and many of her patients have acknowledged the positive impact of her dedication to her job.
Despite the fact that she is not living in Nigeria and has lived in the developed world for many years, Christine is a philanthropist and a patriotic Nigerian who is passionate about the well-being and development of her country. Her passion to see Nigeria as one of the most developed, corruption-free countries in the world has propelled her to embark on a philanthropic journey that has led her to spend thousands of dollars in collaboration with the Local Government Education Authority, Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria on free health training for parents, teachers, non-academic staff, and other stakeholders in the Agege Local Government Area in 2015. The training attracted over 2000 participants from around Lagos State. Today, Christine is one of the advocates of change in a different sphere of life.
Her passion for a better and prosperous Nigeria led her into putting this book together to address some major challenges in Nigeria, and how collectively we can change things for the betterment of her beloved country—where fairness, equality, and considerations for peace and justice may reign.
Pastor Michael Success Abuja

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