Cynthia Jonasson

Cynthia began journaling as a cathartic writing exercise. She wrote to release the memories that haunted her in an attempt to remove the hurt, heartache, and frustration of navigating her mother through the health care system. Each experience layered and weaved together to form a complete account. A memoir was created and this story was told.

The youngest of her mother’s six children, Cynthia is married, and has a seven-year-old daughter of her own. She moved to Alberta in 2004. Beth is Cynthia’s oldest sister, and Grace’s third child. She moved to Alberta with her family in 2000. She is married and has four children and four grandchildren.

It is in large part because of Beth’s insistence and encouragement that this story is shared. Beth spent many hours editing and organizing Cynthia’s writings until they became the book you hold in your hand today.
It is their strong belief that silence cannot rule the day. It is always difficult to stand up and speak out for what is right, but in the end they believe it is the only way truly to enact change.

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