Dani started to write stories at the tender age of five illustrated by her own artwork. Supported by family and friends, she continues to publish, participate in readings at various venues and write new words; always with art in process. She worked for many years as a professional writer in tv/film/radio and journalism. As well she has invested significant time, energy and money into a professional art practice and currently facilitates
an art class with the Wellness Network.

Under the pen-name Dani Zyp, this is Dani’s fifth book of published poetry with covers of her own painting on four of them. She has contributed to several anthologies one of which became an Edmonton number one best seller, which is for sale at Audrey’s Books - and other works from volunteer newsletters to employment for prime time television in major centres like Melbourne, Australia to Vancouver, B.C. Young at heart,  Dani recently further developed her call to art with soul-work writing and performing original music and playing harmonica.

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