Dave Ainsworth

Dave Ainsworth Author Brand Photo

Dave Ainsworth joined the British Armed Forces, HM Grenadier Guards in 1994 and enjoyed everything the forces had to offer including completing multiple tours. Once he left military service, he joined the Greater Manchester Police Service where he later became a member of the Special Operations branch. While there he was awarded a “High Commendation for Outstanding Police Service—for bravery, courage, and professionalism when faced with extreme violence.” 

In 2010, Dave made the difficult decision to leave the force to start a new life in Canada. In 2012 he earned the designation of “Certified Protection Professional” and became a Security Advisor. As of recent, Dave has become one of Edmonton’s leading advisors for “Active Intruder” information and presentations. His message does not focus on the gloom of the event, but is about empowering listeners and “planning to succeed.” 

On his career and the publication of Run, Hide, Don’t Freeze!, Dave has said: During these presentations, one particular comment kept coming up, “How do I take what you have shown me and teach it to my children?” It has been a long road for such a short book, but I truly hope that this book does a number of things.  1) Takes away the anxiety for the child. 2) Teaches them what to do in such an emergent situation. 3) Opens a healthy dialog within a safe learning environment between the children and the adults. I truly hope this helps people.”

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