Deb E. Berg is a Certified Hurley/Donson Enneagram Trainer with a Master’s in Counselling. Recently she has used her training in helping companies do Team-building and Professional Development with their staff. She also runs a private practice, doing individual and group counselling for families, teens, women and men. The time-honoured insights in the Enneagram have become an integral part of helping her clients whether in the counselling or board room.

Earlier in her career, Deb worked with children with learning disadvantages developing individual program plans and teaching them in her home while homeschooling three of their five children. She also co-developed, with her husband, a single mother’s residential program. Deb provided mentoring and practical support to the women and children in this program.
Deb grew up on a farm in central Alberta where she climbed trees in order to hide and read. This allowed her on rare occasions to get out of shelling peas, weeding and picking rocks. When unable to escape, she found it entertaining to make up stories for her siblings in order to pass the time while doing the repetitious, yet necessary, farm labor.
Currently, Deb manages the Detox Center and Overnight Shelter of the George Spady Centre located in the inner city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She lives near Edmonton with her husband, keeping in touch with their five children and granddaughter through facebook, text, skype and facetime as they live across Western Canada and as far away as Japan.

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