I was born in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. This is where dinosaur bones are found. I’m not quite as old as the fossils dug up there, just a ‘young’ senior. The name Richard was changed to Dick when I was very much involved in semi-professional baseball. I was an excellent ‘one-handed’ catcher, which was my preference, but I did a little pitching in tournaments.
Pitching! ...that was a mistake. I broke my elbow throwing the baseball... End of any possible professional dreams. I did get an offer to join the Dodgers at their training camp held the next spring in Auburndale, Florida. No use to go.
School? ...Yup, I went there, ‘graduated’ out of grade nine. The coal mine by where we lived was paying a dollar an hour. Some of the best pay in the country. Now why go to school?
Sports! ...I really liked all sports, and was good in each I tried. The fishing and hunting in the Rocky Mountains was great. All of that scenic country I lived in near the mountains was what inspired me to write the
Sasquatch book.
Work! ...Oh ya, I did some of that also, many and varied jobs. My last occupation was bus driver, for a city transit company. I then drove bus for another bus company that featured charters to many locations. I drove bus ’till I was a ‘little’ past retirement, then wrote books, and stories for newspapers and magazines.
Some businesses I ventured into were quite good. The others, a lot to be desired. The used car lots I owned had been successful. The Real Estate business was good until the 1980s. The economy took a ‘nose dive’ into deep waters; we couldn’t swim, nearly hit bottom, then recovered at a new location. My wife of 27 years passed away in 1989. Then, a new chapter in
my life had begun.

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