Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. Graduate of the University of Alberta, with postgraduate work at the University of Wisconsin. Dorothy has spent 35 years teaching modern creative dance, modern dance composition and choreography, dance history and philosophy, folk, tap, square dance, ballroom dance forms, ball dance, as well as a variety of sports activities. In addition to teaching, she has been involved in choreography and dance production through the U of A Orchesis Dance Group which she initiated in 1965.
Other contributions include:
* dance curriculum development, particularly at the university level
* research on attitudes of students toward dance
* the design and creation of audiovisual resources and written manuals to assist teachers and students at all levels to understand the elements of movement, rhythm, dance, choreography and performance and their use in expressive activities and dance.
Throughout her career she has been committed to the development and
operation of organizations for the promotion of dance and people in dance at the local, provincial, national and international levels, (CAHPERD Committee – Alberta and Canada, Alberta Dance Alliance, Dance in Canada, and Dance and the Child International)
As a founding member of these organizations she also held administrative
positions and has received professional and teaching awards in recognition
of her contributions.

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