Author Dr. Kidane Araya

I was born in Adi-mekeda, Eritrea in 1972. My wife Tsege Gebretinasae and I have four children. We became Canadian Citizens in October, 2013.
Growing up on a farm in Eritrea had its benefits but I knew from a young age that being a businessman was my dream. In late 1990’s I opened a textile firm in Eritrea and from then I aspired to grow and throughout the years knew that I wanted a more wholesome life for my family and so the dream of Canada became a reality. Without the support of my wife I realize that this would not have been possible as I had to leave them and move to Germany on my own to further my education. I lived there for several years and worked hard to bring my family there. It was by the grace of God and many prayers that we finally arrived to our destination in Canada and we have never looked back.
In 2007 I started All Canada Clean Corp. and it has flourished into a thriving business today. I have also opened and continue to do business in Ethiopia, Uganda, Dubai, China & Europe. Doing business abroad has shown that with hard work and firm beliefs anything is possible. Starting a business is a viable venture and well worth the efforts and I do believe that inspiration and support of family is what is required in order to succeed. This was the inspiration I needed in order to write this book. I again attribute my success to my wife Tsege and wish to acknowledge her and give thanks for she is all the inspiration that I needed in order to succeed and keep moving forward.

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