Emily Burke

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Emily Burke was a shy and hesitant child who grew up on a small farm in a remote area of northern Alberta; the daughter of a crippled father and a weary busy mother who constantly cared for her ailing husband and eight needy children. It was there that Emily learned to cling close to God in her heart and mind which gave her the strength to dream of a better future.A chance arrived for her at the age of fourteen when the family moved to the nearest city enabling her to attend High School and later form a long career at the telephone company. Writing skills were developed further as she worked in a teaching capacity during the early career years and then using the computer.Emily studied Christianity but especially during the last forty years when she became keenly interested in learning and understanding everything written in the Bible. It was while living in the Tampa Bay, Florida area that a feeling sparked a desire to write about God and his fascinating world.

Daily Bible reading and study continues to be her greatest comfort. Writing about God and His miraculous world is following a lifelong dream.

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