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Author Eveline Poulin-Kaybridge

I am a Canadian photographer, grandmother, and a naturalist who walked the trails of Edmonton’s beautiful river valley with school children. I also hiked the Rocky Mountains, where I developed a genuine love of nature. I promote this love by sharing nature’s beauty. I reside in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.

Writing goes back a ways before an encounter with Julia Cameron’s book,
“The Artist’s Way.” Following her wise advice, I decided to register in a writing class. The class was being taught by a published author, Esther Supernault! We quickly became great friends. Being a photographer, she asked me if I could do a photo shoot of fairies and I accepted, not knowing at the time that I would be co-authoring that book a few years later.
When she asked, I gratefully accepted the honour and for me, WIND WALKER was the beginning of a magical journey…a dream come true…I felt that I qualified since for 4 years, I had the pleasure of working with children at the John Janzen Center. As a naturalist, I had led groups of children and their teachers, caregivers, pre-schoolers to grade 6’s on nature walks in the beautiful river valley of Edmonton, Alberta.
At one point I had considered the option of politics, I realized that I would reach and influence more people at a very tender age by writing therefore educating them. Esther and I, laughed, cried and wrote (not necessarily in that order but as it was needed). I hope to instil a love of nature, which leads to respect of nature and the environment. That is the simplest answer to the issues we are facing…ask the children, they will honestly tell you, without all the masks and agendas of adults!

– Eveline Poulin-Kaybidge March 12, 2018.

I am a self-taught nature photographer for over 40 years. I have lived 70 years plus and gained understanding from hiking, gardening and living.
I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. That counts as a degree of qualification, in my view. I live in the moment and observe…try it. I also know when to close the door and rest when needed.

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