Graham Clews

Author Graham Clews

Author Graham Clews

Graham Clews wrote his first novel, a World War II adventure story with a humorous slant, titled Don’t Budge, in 1980. The manuscript was submitted to the Alberta Search for a Novelist contest, and tied for first place against approximately fifty submissions. Doubleday Canada displayed interest. But, after holding the novel for approximately a year and a half, Doubleday returned the manuscript explaining that it had been “bumped”. The episode was a ‘learning experience’, the principal one being a comment by one of the editors, “Graham, we would publish this tomorrow if you were someone!”

In early 2007 Graham published Eboracum, The Village, a novel based on the founding of the English City of York (Eboracum) by the Romans in AD 71. This novel won the Premier Book Awards best historic novel of 2007/8. There are three books in the series. Jumping ahead 300 years, No Turning Back, Graham’s newest novel, continues the story of Eboracum.

Eight books by Graham are available on PageMaster Publishing.

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