Justin Weiher grew up in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and actively participated in all types of sports. He has always had a passion for helping others, evidenced through various career roles.

He served as a personal trainer for several years after graduating with a Bachelor of Physical Education. Justin earned a second degree, a Bachelor of Education and enjoyed teaching various grade levels for several years.

His passion for learning did not stop there, as he continued on to earn a post-graduate degree in Counselling Psychology in 2016. His thesis is available in book form on Amazon as Love That Lasts: A Guide To Healthy Relationships.

Justin’s passion for traveling, movies, and the field of psychology inspired Am I Dreaming? His hope is that one day it will be made into a movie.

His pride and joy is his daughter. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, traveling with them to various parts of the world such as Las Vegas, Hawaii, Dominican, and Mexico.

He plans to obtain his professional designation as a psychologist and continue his journey of helping others live full and healthy lives.

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