Layla R. Ford was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in various places across Canada, from Vancouver to southern Ontario. She is one-quarter American, which she thinks qualifies her as an expert on the American way of thinking.

Layla has two undergraduate degrees in French. She also has an LL.B. and practised law for longer than she cares to remember. Recently she returned to her true vocation, writing, to which she now devotes most of her time.

Layla and her husband, Butch, have travelled extensively for both business and pleasure. Together they have visited the Caribbean, Hong Kong, China, Bermuda, Mexico, and numerous locations in the U.S. They have also spent considerable time in the Republic of Ireland and the U.K., and have explored other European destinations including Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice, and Florence. Last but not least, they have visited every Canadian province.

Layla’s ambition is to write a couple of novels, a mystery, more travel books (from a humorist’s perspective), and a laugh-out-loud book about women and their escapades based on true experiences. She hopes to live to be at least 150.

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