Leanne Church

Leanne S. Church spent her early years growing up in Edmonton, Alberta. It was said that she was an energetic and rather precocious youngster who was always bold to try new adventures.
She thrived in gymnastics, swimming, and downhill ski racing. The challenge and thrill of these adventures left her with many favourite memories and life skills that follow her to this day. Music and playing the piano, also, came easy to her through the guidance of a superb teacher. Together, these gifts fed her confidence to stride self-assured into the world.
Leanne loved to read books, especially those about unusual adventures of girls as primary characters and young heroines. At the time, those books were not easy to find. So, she decided to write her own story for younger audiences where the heroine is brave, capable, adventurous, resourceful,
and inventive. All traits combined to ultimately culminate in an engaging adventure that reaches an optimal happy conclusion.
With this same youthful energy and resourcefulness, she has navigated through life’s twists and turns, keeping an optimistic mindset and a strong determination to fulfill her goals.
In addition to writing, Leane is currently pursuing a Nursing career. This is largely in response to witnessing the urgent need to help with the opioid crisis that afflicts so many of our young people. She has been an active member of the recovery programs in Vancouver, British Columbia, helping to support those in need. Too many of our friends and loved ones have succumbed to this tragedy.

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