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Oscar Gonzalez Silva was born in Managua, Nicaragua on December 30, 1977 to parents Maria Del Socorro Gonzalez Silva and Oscar Danilo Gonzalez Torrez. He grew up with three sisters, Valeria, Karen, and Cindy and is the second oldest of the group. Growing up, he was a child who liked to have fun and made sure everyone around him also had fun.

At nine-years-old, his family left Nicaragua and moved to Canada in September, 1987. He fell in love with hockey and the Edmonton Oilers during their dynasty years... Along with hockey, he also loves baseball and basketball. working out and listening to music. In quiet moments, you will see him reading a personal growth book or listening to an audiobook.

Oscar has been a professional chef since 1997. Although passionate about cooking, he is now looking to pursue social work and writing. From Outta Control is his first book.

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