Canadian Pointallist Artist Elaine Tsuruda

Elaine Tsuruda is a Canadian artist, born and raised in Alberta. She is inspired by Canada’s diverse ecosystem, beautiful landscapes and intense seasonal changes.

Living abroad has directly influenced her art styles; her journey to date has grown from Classicism to Neo-Impressionism. After arriving back in Alberta from France, she started classes at the University of Alberta, where she studied Fine Arts. There, she continued to grow through practicing monotype printing, figurative drawing and painting. This brought her desire to paint pointillism to life.

She references divisionism as well since she works in multimedia to help create her paintings. It takes anywhere from 750 to 1,200 hours to process the artwork. Today, she works in a multimedia oil, acrylic, ink, and charcoal. She travels when she can to collect subject matter to paint and observe in order to grow within her passion for art.

For more information on Elaine and her work, visit her online at

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