Robert Calhoun

Rob Calhoun

Who am I? An artist? A man? A father? Or just all of the above.

I have been asked many times what was my motivation in the creation of my hand series. I can say only this and it was at a time in my life when everything was at a crossroads. I kept thinking over and over while looking at my hands with these hands I can do what? At this point I had a clear vision of a window within my hands that enabled me to see without seeing. It was an epiphany of sorts because I could see the human hand not only as it was but as what it could be.

And that is the basis for being an artist, to create with what you’ve got and at the same time create something truly amazing not just for yourself but for everyone everywhere. I know one day I won’t be here anymore and the style of artworks that I have created will be a sort of legacy that will continue on in my stead. Yes I have a son and he is also my legacy, however, I believe he will walk his own path in life as it is his right. I hope my artworks brings happiness to many many people.

Thank you.  Robert F Calhoun

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