Our names are Aaron and Toni Baynes.

Disciples of Jesus. Mom and Dad to three awesome kids! Homeschoolers that believe learning and growth is an everyday choice we get to pursue.

We have been together since we were teenagers and started raising our family as young adults. Figuring out who God desires us to be and growing in our faith together while in the thick of raising a family, cultivating a healthy marriage and working through our own stuff has taught us a lot.

Along the way we have learned that although life is not easy, pretty much ever, it can be a life filled with peace, joy and hope through every circumstance when you keep your eyes and heart focused on Jesus.

As entrepreneurs we desire to do business with purpose and that everything we do is a reflection of God’s heart. Whatever impact we have, it’s all because of him and for him.

Our prayer for you is that as you draw near to God’s heart, your own heart will be more deeply rooted in him and as a result, your deeply rooted faith will be passed down from generation to generation.

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