Tom Krawiec

Tom was raised in the oil patch in Northern Alberta, but after spending summers with relatives who farmed and ranched he realized that’s where his heart was. Tom formally entered the world of ranching in 2000 near Athabasca, Alberta, Canada by custom grazing 40 cow/calf pairs on their 380 acre farm.

His education includes Holistic Resource Management, Bud Williams Low Stress Animal Handling, and Ranching for Profit programs, and everything grazing related in between. Tom started grazing multiple species at his Athabasca ranch and it was a common sight to drive by and see hogs, horses, sheep, cattle and turkeys grazing in paddocks together. The learning curve was steep and sometimes very humorous. This is where he learned important lessons such as roping hogs to load them is not a good idea and that 200 turkeys leave an impressive herd impact on your deck. He eventually expanded his custom grazing operation to 5500 acres of leased land and 3000 yearlings.

Tom now manages ranches for others and has grazed in droughts as well as flooding. His constant quest for more knowledge of grazing and grass management continues and he lives by the adage “any day in the saddle is a good day”.

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