PageMaster is an Alberta company based in Edmonton providing publishing services for over 20 years 

We trust you will find art, books and gifts here to enrich your experience or those you love here in our on-line store. Books and art reproduction are produced in Edmonton with Canadian craftsmanship and shipped worldwide. We believe they truly reflect our unique culture and huge diversity. 

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​This site is dedicated to supporting Canadian artists and authors by providing an outlet for their work away from the big box mentality. To excellent, affordable publishing.... 

Freedom to publish is a cornerstone of democracy and key to human expression and growth. Publishing allows voices to be heard, discussion to occur, paradigms to shift and understanding to develop. When published, words and images are polished and thought through, there is opportunity for review and editing, for choice and order, for persuasion and reflection.

On our previous Canadian $20 bill Gabriel Roy states, “Could be ever know each other in the slightest without the arts!” As the creations of many voices are shared our tapestry takes shape and our understanding grows. That is so much better than the grey mass of globalism seeking the lowest common denominator.

PageMaster fills this call of giving voice, creating space and facilitating expression. 

If you would like to know more about our history or are wanting publishing services for a project please visit our main site.


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