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31 Essential Principles of Leadership is a guide and discourse on what a leader must be. It is presented as a single principle for each day of a month. Charles Balenga believes that the biggest obstacle to a better Africa and a better world is both the lack of leadership and faith without action. Read and apply this book to improve your leadership effectiveness.

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In 31 Essential Principles of Leadership, Charles Balenga has compiled an extensive list of all the attributes that will make a leader as effective as possible. Each attribute is clearly explained with examples of how you can apply them to both your everyday life and your leadership.

Charles’ passion for leaders, both young and old, to be as effective as possible is inspiring and contagious; he truly desires to see Africa, and the world as a whole, become a stronger place for all. He uses his own considerable leadership experience through being a teacher, a missionary, executive director, board president and a pastor to compile this list. Listen and learn from his wisdom, and become a better person and a better leader for it!

-McKenzie Spies, Freelance Editor

“After meeting Charles at a book event and after reading his book, it became evident that he has a strong passion for Africa and a God given vision for Africa. I believe that Charles’ destiny is greatly tied into Africa’s future. Chosen much like King David was, a man after God’s own heart, Charles has the courage to stand with Africa. Africa is his passion and destiny.”

– Jenny Rumancik, author of I met Jesus at the Gym.

“Depending on the angle from which one stands and looks at Africa, the conclusion that one would draw concerning leadership would be entirely different from that of another analyst. For instance, when I look at Africa today, I see a set of heads of African States who are mostly individuals with an acute deficiency when it concerns leadership, solely because they were almost all born from a womb of slavery and into a terrain of slavery, only to be oriented into what would have been “leadership” by the heirs of the masters of their forefathers. The scope of orientation was never genuine and/or aimed at liberating Africa, but on extending and converting colonization into academic democracy. Africa needs leaders who can be heads of states, not heads of states who should be leaders. Discourses such as the ones which are being released by my dear brother, Charles Balenga, are beginning to sprinkle resilient seeds despite the ground upon which they would fall, as long as it is an African ground: some uncommon and non-compromising leadership plants would pop up and grow to the salvation of Africa.”

Dr. Convy Baloyi,
Independent Specialist in Education, Governance, Leadership & Strategy Development – Republic of South Africa


“The success of true leadership is determined by the legacy of passing on the leadership mantle. True leadership is about inspiring and influencing others to follow you. It is this process that builds one’s reputation to be a mentor for someone. In his books Africa, It’s Time! and 31 Essential Principles of Leadership, Charles exhibits his passion for leadership and the need to transform leadership of those who lead. A leader is the voice of the voiceless. As a leader, you are expected to stand in the gap, lobby and advocate for those whose freedoms, rights, and privileges are trampled upon. Effective leadership trains other leaders, as 2 Timothy 2:2 says, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” You will be remembered as a true leader by the number of faithful people that carry on your leadership dynamics and attributes to signify the continuity of your leadership, even when you are no more. I therefore recommend that these books be used as resources that will promote effective and competent leadership in the home, church, schools, universities and business in the whole world.”

– Revd. Fr. Dennis Milanzi
Executive Director of Theological Education by Extension in Zambia (TEEZ) – Kitwe-Zambia


“Charles’ passion to see Africa achieve its potential, both in biblical spirituality and economically, shines through in his writing. Charles invites all friends of Africa to join in the development effort. It is especially refreshing to see Charles’ approach of challenging his fellow African nationals to work hard to develop industry and trade opportunities, rather than asking for aid. Then, he follows this up by reaching out to his fellow African Diaspora, who are now living in developed countries around the world, asking them to participate by joining forces in a true partnership with Africans to mentor and to participate with their brothers and sisters in this building process. You will be encouraged as you read his book; it will give you a better understanding of Africa’s potential.”

-Ron Plett, CPA, CMA,
Independent Business Consultant; Board Member of several organizations, including FCE Canada (a mission to Africa and beyond) – Alberta, Canada

Charles Balenga believes that the biggest obstacle to a better Africa and a better world is both the lack of leadership and faith without action. Africa and the whole world are in desperate need of leaders and this is why he has put together 31 Essential Principles of Leadership. This book will inspire, challenge and equip you to be the best leader you can be. It can be used as a textbook by individuals, in groups, in homes, in politics, in churches, in mission agencies, in schools, colleges and universities.

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