Africa, It’s Time! (Second Edition)



Africa, It’s Time! is a call on the African Diaspora, Africans in Africa and Friends of Africa written by Charles Balenga in order to to build a just, peaceful, and prosperous Africa.

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For Charles Balenga, the level of poverty and selfishness in Africa is unacceptable. What delights him is to see fairness in society, to see that those in power care, defend and advocate on behalf of the powerless, the poor and the oppressed. He wrote ‘Africa, it’s Time!’, to bring all who care for Africa out of negativity, pessimism and despair, and to get them to join in building a just, peaceful and prosperous continent.
He strongly believes that the mandate of the church is sharing the Gospel in words and in deeds, since “faith without deeds is dead.” The true Gospel is to love God and our neighbours (orphans, the poor, and also the rich) as the true response to what God has done for us. He is convinced that the time for Africa is now. He wants to reach African leaders, the African Diaspora, the Friends of Africa, government and business leaders, churches, missionary-sending agencies and anyone interested in developing Africa.
Charles is a husband and father of five children; a Canadian originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo; has a M.A. in Intercultural Ministry from Ambrose University; is a strong advocate for equality and justice for all. His experience includes being a Pastor of the Gospel Chapel of Youngstown, Alberta; Immigrants Settlement Counselor; Missionary Chaplain at Gitega International Academy in Burundi; Founder and Executive Director of Christian Immigrant Support Services and Board President of the Council for the Advancement of African Canadians.

As a public speaker, he has presented the message of ‘Africa, It’s Time!’ in Canada and abroad. This book is written for Africans in Africa, Africans in the Diaspora and Friends of Africa. It is a must read for anyone interested in Africa. He invites all to join forces to make a difference in Africa on the belief that ‘together we can’. He welcomes invitations to speak at conferences, seminars, at various gathering and events, because it is time for Africa. To God be the glory!

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