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A collection of stories from Shawn Hestridge’s career as a barber.

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Rob has spent most of his career flying helicopters for the military. While cutting his hair recently, he was telling me he had just gotten back from a five month tour in Afghanistan. He said the whole trip went without a hitch— not even a scratch! He was back home for only a day or so when he noticed a couple of windblown poplars in his back yard. He went to check it out and apparently one of the trees that blew over was leaning against another. He gently gave it a nudge to push it over and a piece of dry branch broke loose from above, came flying down, striking him, dead center on the noodle. Seventeen stitches later, the doctor had him put back together and said he’d be fine. Can our very own backyards be a more dangerous place than the war in the middle east. Probably not. But in Rob’s case… yes. LIMITED QUANTITY.

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