Dairies of Edmonton (1905-1955) (Second Edition)


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This 127 page book provides a listing of the 172 dairies that operated in Edmonton from 1905 to 1955, with photos and individual histories, including descriptions and photos of available artifacts.

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I am a milk bottle and dairy memorabilia collector. These collectibles relate to the retail delivery of milk, which led me to undertake some research about the dairies themselves, which used the bottles and related items. This book attempts to set out a list of the diaries, large and small, in and around Edmonton, that provided regular home delivery of milk. I say attempts because I am not aware of any absolute way to make a “complete list”. I have relied heavily on the Henderson’s Directory as my starting source and expanded that with information from items in my collection, with information from personal interviews, information from local history books, some information from telephone directories, and some from clipping files at the City of Edmonton Archives. While I do think this is quite a good list, I make no claim that it is complete. I would welcome any additional information readers may have about other dairies, which had milk delivery routes in Edmonton. I would also welcome further information about the dairies I have listed. This book is about the dairies that had retail milk delivery routes in Edmonton during the labeled milk bottle era of 1905 to 1955. By this point, all of the smaller dairies selling and delivering natural or pasteurized milk had either been sold or shutdown. A major trend in the consolidation of the dairies had reduced their numbers to just a few large operations. As well, dairies were no longer ordering glass bottles with their names on them. This listing is meant to include only those dairies having retail milk routes. It does not include dairy producers who shipped cream to the larger processors. The large processors (ECD – Silverwoods, NADP, Woodland – Palm, Jasper Dairy) all had extensive networks of farm producers who sold them milk and/or cream. Also, the listing does not purport to include creameries that produced butter, cheese, or ice cream and did not have retail milk routes. This edition includes additional information on a number of dairies that I obtained from personal interviews.


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