Dinosaur Murt: Memory Valley



Each day, plants, animals and good ideas are lost here on Earth.
Join Murt the Dinosaur, who has made it his job to make sure they are not forgotten.

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There is a place in between remembering and pretend, a place called Memory Valley.

Sometimes when you’re there, what really is gets mixed-up with what was, and becomes what could be. And sometimes things that are lost or forgotten here get rediscovered there. You might meet a Do-Do bird! Or drive a Model-T car! Once something appears in Memory Valley it is there forever. Things can always be made new again, even if they are used up or destroyed. All that is needed is for someone to remember them.

In Memory Valley both memory and imagination are very powerful. Besides, God never wastes anything. Especially a good idea.

In Memory Valley there lived a young dinosaur named Murt, who was always asking questions…

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