Eboracum II: The Fortress


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It is A.D. 78, and Briton and Roman alike must decide where true loyalties lie. Part two of the Eboracum Trilogy.

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It is A.D. 78, and Governor Gnaeus Agricola has arrived in Britannia to find that the Brigantes are again in rebellion; this time, the tribes are united with those further north—in the land that will one day be known as Scotland. Agricola is determined to finish a conquest begun only seven years before by Petilius Cerialis. He will lead his armies relentlessly northward, leaving a trail of destruction marked by Roman forts and the web of roads that connect them. Risking the loss of an entire legion, Agricola will let nothing stand in his way—even if it means marching to the furthermost tip of the island. Following the forced exile of Cethen Lamh-fada and his family by the Roman Gaius Sabinius, the story continues as their children come of age. While the fate of the generations becomes inexorably entwined, Briton and Roman alike must decide where true loyalty lies, and in so doing, deal with its inevitable consequence. According to history, the conclusion of the campaign conducted by Agricola was inevitable; but defeat is a personal thing, and not always total. Often, it is no more than a turning point. Eboracvm, The Fortress is filled with action and backed by fact; it is also laced with dark humour, and a touch of hard romance. The book highlights the never ending paradoxes of life’s choices, many of them strikingly familiar. In doing so, Eboracvm continues its unique approach to the history of the times: there are no dashing heroes, no vile villains, just ordinary people with their everyday virtues, faults and failings, all of which include an inbred passion for life that surpasses time.


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  1. Karenannhohner@gmail.com

    Some people are gifted with everything and do nothing. Deb has done so much with so many obstacles in her way. She is the definition of resilient. An inspiring read.

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  2. threefox@abnorth.com

    I have known Deb for more than 30 years and she never ceased to inspire me. A talented writer, artist and photographer, and unrepentant animal lover, her story is stirring and motivating!

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  3. mr.saint@live.ca

    Primal Power The Unripe Apple was given to me at my mother's memorial. I loved fantasy movies, but a book in that genre had never been my choice. Major changes were happening in my life and I needed an escape so I gave it a try. To my surprise I couldn't put it down! The book had mystery, magic, fear, love, friendship, joy, strength, courage, and I loved it! It seems laced with pearls of wisdom and I find myself rereading parts of it and always finding more insights. The characters within this book resonated with the strength within my own soul and have given me the courage to move forward, thank-you!

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  4. cathy.pavelich@gmail.com

    I read the story with my 3 year old grand daughter and we both very much enjoyed it. Beautiful illustrations too. Review by Hannah (3 yrs)...."It was good. I liked the girl in the pink sweater."

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  5. kknull@xplornet.com

    No one, especially a young child should have to deal with the consequences of an accidental gun shot. At nine years old, the author of this well written memoir was robbed of a youth, most of us take for granted.
    Hospitalized miles from family and their farm, she woke and was told because of a severed spinal cord she would never walk again.
    This is an inspiring story of determination and bravery, and how they shaped her as a person.
    How she never gave up on her dream to own horses, ride, and to live on a farm again. How her love and ability for training dogs enhanced her life with many special companions that also served a purpose.
    Reading this proves animals can make life worth living.

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