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Edmonton: Then and Now by  David Aaron is a collection of 45 scenes of Edmonton taken “then and now.” It’s a book about change. Some old and some not so old. This is a book for you to reflect on or share with friends.Preview Now

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Have you ever wanted to re-visit the places you once knew? Have you ever wondered what was there a long time ago or are you a young Edmontonian pondering what once was? Then this collection of 45 scenes then and now is for you.

Edmonton is a city that has changed immeasurably since it first grew out of a fort in 1873. By 1892 it officially became a town with 700 people and by 1904 it was declared a city of 8,350. In
the early 1910’s the city grew exponentially and Strathcona was incorporated into Edmonton in 1912.

If one were to compare pictures of Edmonton as it looked back then, it would be difficult to recognize it with so few landmarks still standing from that time. In fact, many people would struggle to recognize today’s Edmonton to that which stood 50 or even 20 years ago.
This book is a collection of private photographs taken by the likes of Orval Allen, Jim Tustian, Doug Cowan, David Aaron and a few others who had a sense of history and put it to film. This
book is intended to give its viewer a sense of that change and how far Edmonton has evolved in a short time span. Years plod along, but time flies. The photographs taken between 2016
and 2018 are not intended to match the originals exactly. Instead, the emphasis is to bring the viewer’s attention towards change and the extent to which that change has occurred.

This is a book that will have you saying, “I remember . . . ”

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