Promise in the Void



Helen, a war-bride from the England, travels to Canada with her son and then must search to find her husband, and her place in the prairies.

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Where the land should heal its own people, war has left them torn and incomplete

Helen, a war bride from England, journeys with her infant son to an unfamiliar continent on the hope of a promise. A promise that is, at times, hard to hold on to. In the aftermath of WWII. Canadian citizens were left to face their private battles at home.  Helen determinedly perseveres as wife to a suffering veteran and mother to his son. Her resolve to fight for her family and make the vast, distant prairies her homeland, reveal the strength and power of a war-bride’s heart.

Eileen began writing Promise in the Void in the mid-1940s. Many aspects of the story parallel her own journey as an immigrant to Canada. In 1997 she passed the manuscript on to her granddaughter Rebekah, how has now released it to the public.


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  1. Maria

    “Promise in the Void”, is a novel that I very much looked forward to read, especially when Rebekah had told me about the journey she had after receiving the instruction to publish it.
    Although not a “war bride “per se, I found many aspects of the story, similar to being a “settler on the prairies” myself. Settling down in a culture with its customs and norms which are very different, but in some ways, very similar. More so, it taught me to trust and appreciate “the hand of support and friendship”. Coping with all the challenges and joyous moments that a farm brings – total reliance on God and coping with extreme weather conditions, working hard to provide for the animals for the upcoming Winter. As the wife of an x-soldier, it also confirms and explains the emotional aftermath and scars of a war on soldiers, but overcoming it and healing over time and much love. The novel is well written, as it kept me intrigued from the beginning until the end. I highly recommend this novel to all. I’m sure it will also bring back fond memories to second and third generation “immigrants.”

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