For the Sake of Diabetes (First Edition)

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The True Story of Overcoming the Effects of Juvenile Diabetes Previous Edition SALE! Regular Price: $19.00 Half Price: $9.50

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Previous Edition SALE! Regular Price: $19.00 Half Price: $9.50

This non-fiction story is the revelation of having diabetes at a tender age of twelve-years-old or younger. I struggled hard in accepting the fact of living with this condition my entire life. Added to my struggles were the dos and don’ts that will curtail my life if disobeyed. I was the third and youngest at home afflicted with this dreaded disease. Fighting with school and diabetes had drained me both mentally and physically at times. Fear also swept through my mind after this disease had taken the lives of my mother and younger sister. I felt as though I could not escape dying from this condition also. My reason for writing this book is that someone experiencing this condition may gather courage from my experiences.

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