For Your Heart Sincerely My Soul



A book of poetry by Daniel Piller

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To all those who read this book, I hope the Holy Spirit whispers in your ear as he has in mine. In the making of this book, know there is always hope. Never give up because God’s got your back.

-Daniel Piller

I have been invited to see the deepest and most intimate places of one’s heart, mind and spirit. The incredible courage it would take to share such sacred moments of one’s true self humble me These writings hve made me experience pure happiness, painful despair, love and joy! They touch my heart and I feel privileged and honoured for this gift.


You write very honestly, and that is admirable. You share very personal stories too.


Daniel’s words in poetry are a conviction of his soul to bring joy to whatever we go through. Thank you for gifting me a clear vision of the Spirit’s intent for us.


I was born in Camrose, Alberta, and raised by two great parents; my Mom, Tobbie; and my Dad, Bill, with my sister Jennifer. We moved a few times; to Lamont, Alberta, when I was six then to Red Deer, Alberta, when I was 16. There my life changed when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. He was given a five percent survival rate. Mom and I would go to visit him once or twice a week, driving from Red Deer to Edmonton and back. Later that year he passed away and we moved to Tofield, Alberta, after I finished school. There I met two great friends, Matt and Andrew, who were born on the same day as me but different years. As well, my life changed again. I got a job after graduating high school thanks to my Mom. The company I worked for built houses in town, then the homes were trucked off to their building sites. It was my first time working off-site when I was hurt, making me a quadriplegic having no feeling from my chest down. Years later I was baptized and came to Him, my God, for real. Now I play for our local wheelchair rugby team called ‘SteelWheels’. With them I have traveled all over the country, even to Houston, Texas USA. Today I am waiting on God to heal the wound on my butt. Being put in this chair has not slowed me down, but just helped me to focus on what matters in life; friends and family. Love you all.

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