God Made the Dinosaurs Too: CD and DVD


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Creation or Evolution?
It’s a subject that I find fascinating. Personally I have noted that on close examination, evolution doesn’t stand up very well at all. That leaves me with only one other choice, and creation wins hands down. This album began as one song for my own children, “God Made the Dinosaurs Too”, and grew into more than I ever imagined. I hope you enjoy it, and if you ever get a chance to see Cowboy Randy in action, give the show a listen. You might just have more fun than you imagined. — Cowboy Randy

The Songs:
1. Somebody
2. God Made Dinosaurs Too
3. Job’s Riddle
4. What About Ogopogo
5. Noah and Sons
6. Jesus was a Little Baby
7. What Would You Do
8. War Goin’ On
9. Soldier Sailor Engineer
10. Comin’ in His Glory

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