Habits of the Heart: Practices for Spiritual Seekers



Habits of the HEART: Practices for Spiritual Seekers” by Nancy Steeves is a collection of 31 reflections on cultivating soulful habits such as compassion, creativity and reverence for living more authentically.

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This collection of 31 spiritual reflections in “Habits of the HEART: Practices for Spiritual Seekers” by Nancy Steeves reframes ancient stories from the Jewish Christian heritage. Thus, reclaiming their significance in helping us attain the highest level of humanity possible.

This book is especially relevant for:

  • Those who identify as spiritual but not religious;
  • Those whose spirituality is most deeply connected to the natural world, and
  • Those who are exploring progressive Christianity

In the author’s words,

It takes practice to keep human life human.

To be a spiritual seeker is to be committed to the practices that keep our hearts pliable with wonder, tender with compassion, and responsive to the pain and joys of the world.

This collection of reflections reveals some of the habits needed to build the muscle of faithfulness and resilience for living truly and loving deeply.”

Excerpt from “Habits of the HEART: Practices for Spiritual Seekers” by Nancy Steeves:

To really experience the sacredness of our human journey is to expose ourselves to the wisdom that Earth would teach us.

We need to find our place in the intricate web of relationships that allows life to flourish. We also need to learn to live with respect for the unity and diversity upon which life depends.

We need to find a way to embrace the endless transformations necessary for life to continue and to evolve.

We are of one substance with Earth, and whatever happens to Earth happens to us.”



“This is a profound and beautiful book. Nancy’s oft repeated phrase, “it takes practice,” reminds us that habits of the heart come with diligent attention to who we are and who we want to be.

This book will nourish your deepest self and enable you to be true to yourself in the world.”

  • Don Murray, retired minister, educator, and author


“Through humorous imagery and exquisite articulation, Nancy gifts us with thoughts that will dance their way into our subconscious, holding our hands as we view old images and ways of being with new lenses.”

  • Emily Kierstead, retired minister, musician, and contemporary Christian composer


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