Hell, Inc. Vol 2: Candied Sheep Day



Hell, Inc. Vol 2: Candied Sheep Day by Jeff Martin continues the hectic tale of Doug, a lowly office demon trying to find joy in life while tackling the monotony and terror of working 9 to 5. Today is Candied Sheep Day, at least!

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About Hell, Inc. Vol 2: Candied Sheep by Jeff Martin

Doug is a lowly office demon at Hell, Inc. For Doug, trying to wring any bit of happiness he can out of soul-crushing existence is a full-time job.

It’s candied Sheep Day, but in between Doug and his delicious treat is B.L. Zebub’s insistence that Doug train the new intern, Sara. To makes matters worse, Doug’s crush is flirting with his nemesis.

But cheer up, it’s Candied Sheep Day!

“All of the characters pop out of each page and their emotive faces, while cartoonish, are perfect metaphors for the human experience.”

  • DAZE Magazine
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