Letters From Jesus: Timothy, Titus, Philemon



Listening to Jesus through Timothy, Titus and Philemon

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Book of I Timothy In the books to Timothy, Jesus is writing to a young leader in the church and to Christian men in general. In the first letter Jesus writes against teaching that mixes truth with falsehood. Therefore it is so important for men to know the truth. He points out the kind of character they need to have in order to be a good leader. Jesus focuses on relationships and specifically how men should honor women. Book of II Timothy In the second book of Timothy Jesus gives personal advice to young men. He talks about the necessity of being equipped for battle. He encourages men to be faithful witnesses in spite of hardship. He warns men about becoming argumentative for this does not encourage anyone to become a follower. Book of Titus In Titus Jesus once again speaks to the men of the church and how they are examples to others. Jesus first writes about the kind of character men in the church must have in order to conduct themselves as Christian men. Then He addresses how to teach various groups in the church and encourages men to promote peace and not cause division.

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