Listening to Jesus in the Ten Commandments



Spread the voice of Jesus through the Ten Commandments in this easy-to-share pocket book.

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Listening to God is an art form of prayer that brings out your creativity and draws you into the presence of Jesus. It allows the Holy Spirit to work through you, as you read the Scriptures, to discover the treasures that are in the written Word of God. Once discovered, this art becomes a way of life as you journey with Jesus. You soon discover your eyes are opened and life becomes a communion with Jesus as you break bread (the Word) together. Listening to God is a healing form of prayer, where your expectations come from Jesus rather than from yourself. In listening, you receive a personal message – for Jesus is always whispering to you. These small books (3.75×5 inches) are designed to be shared and given away, as a prayer tool for congregations to touch their city, their country and the world. The first page affirms “If you find this book consider it a gift to you. Enjoy it and then pass it on as I have done.”

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