Raven and the Golden Eagle



Raven and the Golden Eagle is the second book in the thrilling White Buffalo (New Beginnings) trilogy by Lauretta Beaver.

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Chief Giant Bear, blood brother to Jed Brown, had successfully lived all these years by his vow to find a way to live in peace with the white man. Now he finds himself in a quandary as a vision gone awry causes a chain reaction that will not stop snowballing; even Golden Dove his beautiful blonde wife turns against him. In desperation, he tries to save his people by forcing his beloved granddaughter into marriage with a reluctant captive Englishman.

Raven known to the people as their ‘Protector’, must stop not only her grandfather from forcing her into a loveless
marriage, but also the massacre of her people if she refuses to marry the Englishman. In her quest, she unearths a plot to take over the land as greed and hatred for her grandfather’s peaceful ways threatens their way of life.

Devon, known as Lord Rochester the second son of the Earl of Rochester in England, had travelled thousands of miles in order to live for one year on a barren piece of land in the middle of the savage Montana wilderness. His grandfather’s will stipulate he couldn’t sell it otherwise. Disillusioned by court life and hating what the English nobility had become, he views this new change as an opportunity to get away from the life he hated; in the back of his mind was the possibility of starting a new life, even though his purpose in coming here is to sell it. Everything changes when his wagon train is wiped out by a Cheyenne war party and he is drawn unwillingly into a struggle between the peaceful bear tribe of the Cheyenne and an unknown source. The only way to save these people is to sacrifice his freedom and marry the granddaughter of the chief, but should he!

Mell and Jed must race from North Dakota to Western Montana to reach Giant Bear with a warning from the Cheyenne’s sacred white buffalo before it is too late to save them all.

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