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This book is about providing understanding and wisdom about pain many feel deep within, but have no way to know what it is or how to get rid of it. Ryan shares his story and puts identification to this deep seeded “mystery” pain and shows how to bring release through awareness of the hurt and the healing available.

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“An essential read in the understanding of loneliness and the solution, with Ryan’s personal story of overcoming. Loneliness is a growing concern in society and you don’t have to feel lonely IF and when you are alone.” — Dr Randy Johnson, Registered Psychologist

“An inspiring book full of hope breaking through darkness and emptiness. Ryan’s personal journey of freedom is combined with solid principles that will help others find similar freedom. This is a must-read book for anyone struggling with internal loneliness.” — Rev. Shawn Hubert



From ages 1 to 34, I belonged. I belonged to what I believe is the most unrecognized seed of heavy despair that can strangle its victims into a slow and agonizing emotional — and very often physical — death. The seed of loneliness.

Yes. I said loneliness. Repeat once more, loneliness.

The world is not hearing me. That’s because it was designed not to be heard. That’s the inspiration behind writing this book: to make it heard. We don’t feel the suffocating weight of loneliness because we are alone, we feel it because we are wounded. These wounds start dictating who we are, how we think, and the decisions we make from day to day.

Loneliness almost took everything from me. I understand your pain because I was there every single day. Today I walk in total victory.

If you are holding this book, it’s not a coincidence. You or a loved one is suffering. Let’s stand up and walk out of the trenches together.


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