Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old



In Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old, author and Alberta rancher, Tom Krawiec shares his ranching knowledge and experience to help you improve your grass, your herd, and your operations.
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Looking to improve your ranch and save time and money?

In Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old: Ranching that is Simple, Easy, and Fun, author Tom Krawiec shares his knowledge and experience to help you improve your grass, your herd, and your operations. In this book, you will:

  • understand the “sweet spot” and how planning can significantly improve yields
  • gain knowledge of paddocks and grazing charts
  • learn water and fencing hacks to create infrastructure
  • understand how to manage the herd, including multi-species mob grazing
  • learn about options on stockpiling for winter that save work
  • learn tips on operations and economics
  • be able to make a living using less land in a way that not only preserves, but improves the earth

Tom has created a number of videos illustrating concepts. In the book they are linked by QR codes so you can use your phone or tablet while reading and watch the video in context of the book.

Excerpt from Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old:

It all starts with the grass! If you do not get a handle on the grass, the rest of your system will not work.

“There are many ways to prop up your grass. Depending on who is selling, it can be in the form of mechanical, chemical, or seed amendments. Magazines are full of ads detailing the amazing results of seed varieties, the latest chemical weed suppressant, or mechanical stimulation. However, there are no ads for the most effective method; it can’t be bought from your local sales rep. You do not need to know what soil type you have or what bugs are in your soil.

“The formula is something you can get for free and will last longer than any input you can purchase. This method is simply… get your-self organized with a grazing chart and a weekly planner.

“A grazing plan is not romantic, like going to a bull sale, nor does it seem like you are doing something quantifiable. The grazing plan is the simple counting of days. You don’t even have to know much about grass. All that is required is to know the approximate days of recovery for your area, counting the number of paddocks you have (I recommend at least thirteen), then counting the number of days of recovery for a particular time of year.”

For more information, including media interviews, visit Tom’s site: SimplyRanching.ca

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