Surviving Chemotherapy



A book of information and tips on dealing with chemotherapy, from someone who’s survived it herself.

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Having to endure chemotherapy has always been looked upon as a horrifying experience and it seems no one wants to talk about it, and those that have never experienced it are afraid to even ask. For those reasons, I have compiled what I learned as it happened to me, so that everyone who reads this book is better informed of what to expect and is armed with helpful tips. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2013. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I can say I am a survivor, and incredibly proud to be able to say it!

Carrie Kulchyski is a survivor of Stage 3 breast cancer. She has resided in Edmonton, Alberta her whole life and is the mother of two daughters. Carrie has written this booklet to share what she learned during treatments so that others will know what they can expect to possibly happen.

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