The Spotted Horse


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The story of a Blackfoot Indian, a young English girl and a spotted horse. It is western Canada in the 1870s and their very different cultures are set to intertwine.

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Set in the 1870’s, this is the story of a Blackfoot Indian and a young English girl whose two diverse cultures do not prevent their paths from crossing. With the energy of the European settlers establishing their farms and the surrender of overwhelmed native tribes to reserves, this corner of the world is primitive but prosperous, full of stand-offs, love and hate.

Events and fate bring the need for the white and the native to listen to each other’s wisdom. And the most unacceptable relationship, abhorred by both sides, somehow has a peacemaking power of its own. This rich and wholesome story rewards the reader with the unexpected, and travels to other parts of the world in this time in history.

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  1. Staff

    Reviewed by Shirley Uhryn, B.Ed., 20/07/15

    Yvonne’s work is an unbiased historical fiction, descriptively and powerfully written. What a photographer does with his camera, Yvonne does with words. The story reveals the lives of early white immigrants settling into Blackfoot lands. I am impressed with Yvonne’s ability to develop characters with fairness, strength and respect. Yvonne is an artist with words, a unique and powerful writer.
    I firmly believe The Spotted Horse should become mandatory reading in the Public School System as well as the Aboriginal Education System.
    We all eagerly await your next piece of work.
    – migrated from (old store)

  2. Staff

    Reviewed by Kay Richardson, 13/07/15

    This an absolutely delightful book. Written in a simple style that reflects the era, the story moves along quickly and is filled with with adventure. The characters are real and engaging but it is the spirit of love and honour that makes this book so addictive. Once you start you won’t want to put it down and yet you won’t want it to end!
    The Spotted Horse is a timeless love story and a timely illustration of the out working of God’s love amongst people of different racial and cultural backgrounds.
    – migrated from (old store)

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