The Triumph of Modernity


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Christian World History From 1648 to the end of the 20th Century

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In your hands you have Harry Groenewold’s latest book. Taking off from where the last one left off, this book takes us from the Enlightenment to our present era. It is based on Harry’s lectures given at Trinity Christian College and The King’s University College. Together the two books provide a valuable survey of history as seen by an experienced Christian thinker. Modernity, with its severe scepticism and its exultation of reason and science, is, in spite of Post Modernism’s impact, still very much with us today. This makes Harry’s book a much appreciated contribution to discussions of worldviews and the tenor of our times. Harry was a valuable colleague and welcome guest lecturer in my classes. As a charter member of the King’s faculty, Harry provided welcome experience and wisdom as the new “King’s Collegeâ€? opened its doors in 1979. I have consistently found that Harry’s students appreciated his classes, particularly the atmosphere of open debate that prevailed in them. Rockne McCarthy, Emeritus Vice President, Academic, at Dordt College and Harry’s (and my) former colleague at Trinity Christian College described Harry as “a talented teacher and insightful thinker,â€? and I whole-heartedly concur. The content of his lectures and Harry’s views on the course of Western history are now available to his former students, to fellow academics, and to the Christian community. Dr. Harry Cook Professor of Biology, Emeritusces

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