Vepar’s Infernal Legions: The Complete Compendium and How to Smite Them All



Vepar’s Infernal Legions is a man’s account of his journey to confront a parasitic Duke of Hell. This book details all the monsters he met along the way…in case the reader should encounter such fiends themselves!

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“Do not call up that which you cannot put down” I wish my dad had taken this advice when calling Duke Vepar from the depths of Hell!

Father’s arrogance unleashed the Duke and his festering legions like a plague upon this earth.

It seems the sins of the father really do transfer to the son.

With a combination of ancient knowledge and practical skill, I took it upon myself to clean up my father’s own mess.

Vepar’s Infernal Legions: The Complete Compendium and How to Smite Them All by Sean G. McAnulty is a first-person account of a young man’s journey across land and sea to confront Vepar, a water demon unleashed from Hell.

  • The start of every chapter begins as an encyclopedia entry, written by the protagonist, GT, who details each monster he met along the way.
  • After outlining objective details about each monster, GT goes on to describe his own personal encounters with all 29 of Vepar’s legions.
  • In each encounter, GT must fight using both the knowledge he’s studied in demonology as well as practical experiences he’s had working with his hands.

This book is part of the author’s “Infernal Legions” series

Synopsis of Vepar’s Infernal Legions: The Complete Compendium and How to Smite Them All by Sean G. McAnulty:

“Like Belial Lupuls, Caecilian Tartarus are vulnerable to conventional weapons.

It can flatten itself to absorb blows from blunt striking implements, but it will be torn apart by bullets or knives.

The fiend seems to be stealthier than the Hell Hound, however.

The worm is dark in appearance, smaller in size, and as noted above it is able to squeeze through holes as small as the diameter of a dime.

Having said all that, an alert and armed person can dispatch this demon with relative ease, provided he avoids direct contact to his flesh.

The demon is prone to extreme heat, which can also be used to burn out Vepar’s infection before it grows to maturity.

It does not appear to be affected by sunlight. The demon does not appear to have any significant reaction to pure metals like silver.

It will shy away from salt, recoiling as though experiencing pain. However, salt will not kill the fiend.

At very early stages it can be neutralized by clinical antiseptics.”

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