What Do You Know About the Bible? The New Testament



Learning more about the Bible can be stimulating, challenging and spiritually rewarding. What Do You Know About the Bible? The New Testamentby Carolyn Tynes-Turner uses a unique format to help you discover more about the characters, events, and themes of the New Testament.

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What Do You Know About the Bible? The New Testament, by Carolyn Tynes-Turner contains:

  • A comprehensive study of The New Testament (Based on The Authorized Version of the King James Bible (KJV)
  • Questions at various levels of difficulty
  • Answers included
  • Parenthetical references to each question
  • Citations for each answer
  • Learning tools useful for Sunday School, Bible study groups, home school, families, or self-study
  • Knowledge about words such as, EPHPHATHA, the Ethiopian eunuch, the bottomless pit, and Euroclydon.

Additionally, it contains questions like these:

  • Who came to see Jesus at night?

  • What surrounded Paul on his journey to Damascus?

  • Who did Jesus give the sop?

  • What caused the riot at Ephesus?

  • How many shipwrecks did Paul survive?

This book will increase your Bible knowledge and faith in the supremacy of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. It provides you with an opportunity to undertake a challenge, take a step toward learning more about the Bible, and enhance your faith in the Lord.

Take the challenge, and learn more about the Bible!

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