Arthur Warman

Arthur Warman was first introduced to acting and the stage in 1959
in Lincoln Nebraska while in grade one playing a character in a diorama
celebrating the end of a decade. While the part was only 4 minutes long
and was not a talking part or even a moving part for that matter, he loved
the experience and took part in many school and church dramas during his
elementary school years.

The big change came in 1979 in Williams Lake, British Columbia while
working in the news room of the local radio station when he joined the
Williams Lake Players club and became a stage manager for a production of the Diary of Anne Frank. Later he was a part of the on-stage cast for “On Our Way”, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the town. A few months later a travelling repertory theatre company, Covenant Players came to town and was performing in a local church. They extended an open invitation to anyone who wanted to join their group. It did not take long for him to decide to leave the radio station and the following August found Arthur in Los Angeles getting ready to go on the road.

His first tour took him to south east Michigan, and then in the spring to
the state of Illinois. During his stay with the troupe he had a personal repertoire of 146 plays, but found the road a tough life and returned to Canada the next summer. Arthur stayed in touch with performing and started writing dramas, for special events, and for fun. This is the first book of plays written by Arthur, and he hopes more will come in the next years. “Clay Pots” has a theme of supporting those who struggle quietly in their lives while the world goes on around them. There are also other plays that are short and fun. All are relatively short and will fit well in youth groups or in worship services.

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