Bob Weller spent his formative years (five to eleven) growing up in the small town of Oyen, Alberta during the ’40s and ’50s. Although he only lived there for fifteen years, it will always be his “ back home.” What that
little town gave to him was more than any college, job or experience. It saddens him when he hears of people who do not have a “back home.”

Much of his opinions and often controversial thinking on raising kids comes from a career path with Boys Clubs of Canada as well as tour of duty with the Province of Alberta Youth Department. He also coached many levels of basketball, hockey and fastball. He has a fierce pride in his five children and sixteen grandchildren. They themselves have been a special school of learning for him.

Bob lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta with his wife Juliette who provided much encouragement and support before and during the writing of this book. He has been involved with many groups in Strathcona County and served as an elected Municipal Councillor from 1998 to 2004. He believes that the future of a somewhat troubled world depends on how well we educate and equip future generations to provide honest, responsible leadership. He also still believes that it takes a community to raise a kid and this was reinforced as he wrote this book.

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