Brian Fargher and the URBAN MISSIONARIES’ ASSOCIATION OF CANADA have authored a series of four books promoting the biblically mandated ministry of itinerant preaching.

Brian Fargher's Ph.D. thesis (University of Aberdeen, 1989), The Origins of the New Churches Movement in Southern Ethiopia, 1928-1948 (E.J.Brill, 1998) shows how the ministry of local and expatriate itinerant preachers laid the foundations for the New Churches’ Movement in southern Ethiopia.

The Urban Missionaries’ Association of Canada (UMAC) is a group of men and women devoted exclusively to recruiting, training and deploying urban missionaries (volunteer, part-time, full-time) in Canada and around the world. UMAC members are committed to creating movements of outreach and disciple-making. As part of the Body of Christ it has a unique specialization to offer other members of the Body. The objective of the Outreach is to connect with people who are responding to what God is doing in their lives, to share as much as possible of the Good News with them, and to expect God to continue working in their lives. It is all about introducing Jesus to Outsiders and Outsiders to Jesus.

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