Dawn Gullackson was born Dawn Rene Pilon in 1969 in Southern Ontario. She grew up in a small town called Essex. In 1996 she moved to British Columbia to attend Helicopter Pilot school. Eventually she ended up in Fort Nelson, where she met her true love, got married and laid down roots. She was married at beautiful Muncho Lake and travelled the Alaska Highway for her honeymoon. Dawn has always been inspired by the scenery of the Highway and decided to keep pursuing her passion to paint. Eventually, she decided to get serious about painting. She primarily taught herself her own techniques. Although she could always draw, she never attended a school or program for arts.

In 2016 she determined to paint 100 paintings in 100 days, which she subsequently auctioned off each day on Facebook. She used the money to donate to the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response from the community members, she decided to teach some painting classes to adults and children alike.

In 2017 the 75th Anniversary of the building of the Alaska Highway was fast approaching. The 150th Birthday celebration for Canada was to be the summer of her exhibit. These Paintings are a view into her mind’s eye of
what she thinks and feels while driving the highway, and some of the people and places that have touched her soul. She continues to exhibit these paintings.

Dawn primarily works with paints, but is always experimenting with other media. She thinks “outside the box” and likes to create with anything she can. Her favourite artists are Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Vincent
van Gogh.

You can view her work on Facebook@dgullacksonart
E-mail her at dgullacksonart@gmail.com

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